Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Day 25 in the Cuadrilla House...

Although I'm in London ... here is the round up[ of Day 25 in the Cuadrilla House - brought to you by the lovely Miranda Cox who is covering the next three days - thanks so much Miranda <3 span="">

Day 25 in the Cuadrilla House.... (by Miranda Cox)
A day of good news, another road rage incident, beautiful weather and a party-like atmosphere on the roadside.
Successful early morning Protector action in St Anne's at Moores Cement depot meant work was tediously slow on the site, with only one delivery made. It also meant another contractor pulled out....more on this to follow.

So today was interesting in many ways. The sun shone from very early and the temperature was considerably warmer. Protectors were wearing fewer layers and thermals, and the birds could be clearly heard singing in the brief interludes between traffic and supportive car horns.

We started the day hopeful, hearing the news that protectors were blockading a local supplier. Many of us watched a live stream whilst eating our toast, wondering how the action would play out and what the impact would be. I am sure I wasn't the only one who nearly choked when we received word that a protector had been knocked down in what appears to be another road rage incident. Thankfully the protector was checked by paramedics and was fine. Again the situation could have been so much worse, but this is the second horrible and distressing incident in 5 days.

Before 9am an email was sent from Moores to Cuadrilla. Below is an extract:

"As you are aware the potestors have now moved to block our St Anne's Depot, and we have been unable to move raw material in and concrete out to any of our customers this morning. I understand that this blockade will continue whilst we are supplying your contract at Preston New Road. In view of the drastic affect this is now having on the rest of my customers, we have no alternative but to cease supplies to the above site".

This is the domino effect talked about yesterday. The impact of dealing with a company that has no social licence, and no local mandate carries far too many negative ramifications for suppliers, who have their reputations and other customers to consider. Shares in the gas industry are falling as delays and public protest grow. This is what happens when people join together, using strategies and different methods of protest.

Meanwhile along Preston New Road we stood and watched very little happen.

A protector demanded action regarding the poor and dangerous state of repair in which the road had been left after yesterday's drilling, and a few shovels of tarmac were applied. One lorry (hired) arrived and was unloaded, and another carrying aggregate from a new supplier arrived at lunch time and was held safely for around one hour. The driver, unable to enter the site decided to call it a day and drove away. The road remained open in both directions and we danced to some new sounds on a louder amp and enjoyed the spring weather.

What tomorrow may bring, we don't know, but what we do know is the suppliers are questioning their involvement in this toxic industry and we know Protectors come in many forms- we have different skills, different stories and travelled different paths, but we are on the same road, a road to ending this undemocratic experiment on our communities.

Thank you to every single one of you!