Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Day 31 in the Cuadrilla House...

Day 31 in the Cuadrilla House… and the good people were in short supply for the morning but grew with the turning of the day. Early solidarity actions in Bolton courtesy of Bolton Against Fracking (thank you <3 span=""> ) at AE Yates was the welcome news on arrival and for us at the roadside, a slow day for trucks with two before we arrived that were slow-walked by Protectors from the camp and a further 7 slow-walked inside the work lane… others may have come after we left but for now, life dictates 9-3 for those with responsibilities for little people. Bright day till early afternoon when drizzle and grey replaced sun but the wind was low and the temperature less chilled :) The atmosphere upped and downed less, the music played, plans were laid and decisions made… as the vast movement that we are, pools its ideas to craft a way to end this industry.

So no violent confrontations or shouting meant the mood was so much better and this matters to our energy and commitment – we’re not naive though and know that soon, a crossroads will face us and different ways will mean different challenges and concerns. For now though, I cling tight to days like this when humanity just shines through, laughter features and warm kindness abounds. We had a lovely addition of smiley happy children today who decorated the hedge at our roadside with woolly items and more bows. Some of us made the effort with ‘Paradise Island’ (the newly arrived traffic island) christening it with chalk and decorating with little frack off stickers, flowers and ribbon as well as finding good use for its traffic cones as holder for signs. As Dawn and the children honked mightily and brandished fresh drawings of support from the car... I heard site staff remark "Not that noise again!" - she does hold that throaty horn down for the entire duration of the road lol!

We’re informed that the much delayed removal of works-lane – will now happen next Monday… so at least 2 weeks behind schedule after just 31 days of work. This means a change in how we delay the trucks and there’s much discussion on how we do this. Each Protector will make their own decision as autonomous activists – chatting helps to establish the pros and cons of the options – especially in consideration of the unfolding of plans for other happenings. The PUPs (Pop Up Protests) though continue and we all hope… become a constant feature of fracking protests – removing suppliers and denting progress in the most effective of ways. I’ve mentioned before that in 6 years although Protectors HAVE delayed this industry from ANY production, each site DID get built and no amount of locking on or slow-walking stopped it from happening. What was achieved though was huge cost to the industry and loss of faith by investors – now though a greater impact with masses more people and different tactics will be needed if this industry is to finally be stopped dead. It’s like all the picador moves are done and the beast bleeds … we’re close to crippling it financially and a final push could make all the difference.

The Unions (all but the gas workers one) stand against fracking and are supporting our event on 25 Feb 2017 - Don’t Frack Lancs - National Rally - along with Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace UKGreen Party of England and WalesThe Labour Party, frack-free groups from across the country, activist collectives and others …for us at the roadside, the day marks the start of more change. For those coming, there is transport planning and funding available, just email: or visit the website.  Lots of activists will be in the North on the weekend of 25 Feb – so worth planning to meet up here after other events are finished – we’re here every day and there is likely room at the camp or check with local groups for crash space.;)

No Miranda view today so that’s it for now. See you tomorrow?

*Happy point of the day: christening Paradise Island and making it more 'us' 

;)*Image of 'Paradise Island' courtesy of Ros Wills x

*Best find of the day: Rose & Jamie from Friends of the Earth along with their film maker, catching up on events and helping promote the Rally on 25 Feb x