Thursday, 2 March 2017

Days 40 &41 in the Cuadrilla House...

I’ve been away and Miranda Cox (Councillor) has covered the awful days that have just passed. I have no words right now but will update after I see everyone at Preston New Road Rolling Roadside Protest later :

Days 40 & 41 by Miranda...

Today was crazy I cannot write properly. I have tried. I am not broken by today. I am mightily angered. I don't anger easily. Today I have crossed a line mentally. I am angered by the arrogance , the hatred eminating from the industry and the government employees that we ensure corporate will, government will is enforced ahead of local decisions. I am angered by the treatment of people all in the name of corporations. I am sick to my core. I will not stop. I take strength from the wonderful woman arrested for praying. I am not religious but I respect anyones tight to exercise their belief. I am ashamed the Lancashire constabulary don't feel the same. I pride myself in doing the right thing by my community. I saw a fellow councillor fall, shoved by police. I saw enough today alone to change my whole world. Please help.


I want to respond to a few points. At PNR protest against fracking today, I was injured. Not seriously, but I am struggling to walk and have needed hospital treatment.

Another two protectors were hurt, one alongside me and another earlier in the day. The lady hurt with me came to hospital with me. 

She is incredibly sore and shook up. Our injuries are the result of a very tough and aggressive police action that has been building. We were peacefully standing, and were shoved with immense and sudden force.

There have also been arrests. For what I have no idea. It's all weird.

I have seen comments online to suggest our injuries are fake. I have seen comments inciting violence against protectors and police alike. I respectfully ask, those of you out there who do not believe what is happening to come and meet with us and see.

I respectfully also ask those who doubt...Could you withstand the force of a body of police forcibly charging? We are mum's and grandmas, young adults.

I also ask we continue to be peaceful. We are peaceful. They are not like them. We don't want to be like them.

Not that any of this should matter. We have been attacked.

We were denied any protest today, no 15 minute delay per vehicle, nothing, we have been roughly removed each day this week. People have been pushed, roughly dragged, shoved and generally treated abysmally.

We are there to peacefully protect our communities and our children.

If you do not yet understand the impact fracking will have, please look beyond the corporate lies. Who will ultimately benefit? Not us. It's about a few already rich people making more money at our expense, at the expense of our health, social well-being, our environment, our tourist industry, our agriculture.

We don't aim to slow your commute, we aim to stop this industry.

Please look at the chemicals used, and safety record of fracking. If you don't feel alarmed by this, please consider how local democracy has been undermined. If that isn't enough please ask is it right that police are getting away with assaulting people standing peacefully? One day it could be you knocked down for standing up for something.

There have been arrests, there have been abuses, there have been numerous planning and safety breaches since the start of January, We are documenting, observing and attempting to be heard on these. But when faced with silence, apathy from those who are meant to help- HSE, police etc where do we go?

I know some live streaming appears antagonistic, but ask yourself if you have tried talking to authorities, your MP, your government, tried talking to the police, tried appealing to the company directly and whatever you try us ignored, what redress is there?

I want to also say when we were at hospital. We received kind and courteous treatment from the moment the first responder arrived, then from the paramedics who were amazing. The hospital that was obviously over stretched with people on trollies everywhere. I heard people getting annoyed at waiting, yet this is a precious thing we have here, our NHS. It too is undermined by media and government. I THANK everyone in the NHS. It took ages for the responder today..... They are over stretched. It is not their fault.

I saw comments on line as to why we hadn't called and ambulance...I phoned immediately I was up off the floor, and only because I saw my friend prone and shaking. I was unaware is a call had been made from police or anyone. The operator could barely hear me for the traffic . I asked for police help and was ignored.
This action will not intimidate any of us. We have nothing to gain but everything to save.....

I know there are people who are "cloaked" who want to plant untruths....I have nothing to hide...Find me roadside.... I'd like a chat.