Saturday, 29 April 2017

Old- media being irrelevant...

Never rains but it pours... et tu Mail on Sunday!

This article just out after the journalists chased about in order to create a mammoth storm in a tiny teacup... its about a video using a clip from Schindler's List dubbed over with John Tootill and my voices... neither John nor I were aware of our voices being used but the recordings are in the public domain so anyone is able to do this or have it done to them... not much to be done about that.

The Mail on Sunday has decided to write lots and lots of misleading text concerning the video's setting in history and how it offends etc. and referencing me as if I was involved - before finally getting to the bloody point where I am finally given the chance to tell the truth and have the film maker confirm it:

[Ms Rothery, who stood as the Green candidate against former Chancellor George Osborne in Tatton for the 2015 General Election, confirmed yesterday that a recording of her voice had been used. But the campaigner, whose supporters include actress Emma Thompson and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, said she had not been aware of the film until it appeared on the Frack- Free York Facebook page and had nothing to do with making it.

The 54-year-old grandmother, who is standing for the Greens in Fylde, refused to criticise those behind the film, but said: ‘It is not something I would do in a million years. I wouldn’t refer to something as important in our history as the events of the Holocaust in the light of anything else.

‘I think that there are no comparisons to what happened there. I respect that the police have a job to play in society. What I don’t respect is the role they are being forced to play in Lancashire where they are being used to escort trucks into a community that has said no to fracking.’

Dave Marris, who commented on the social media site: ‘I made this because I am disgusted with the police tactics being used against the peaceful people trying to protest at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site.’]

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