Tuesday, 9 May 2017

More to life than fracking...

I have been asked in messages, what it was I stood for, apart from anti-fracking and why I am with Green Party of England and Wales... what I replied is below:

What appealed to me about the Green Party was a line I read in some literature in 2013 that said:
"We don't seek power for power's sake, we seek power in order to change the system"

Although fracking is a single issue, it is representative of much that is amiss in our democracy. Lobbyists for industry are heard and aided, to the detriment of citizens... that in itself is a huge warning that something is very wrong. I sense that this attitude permeates all sectors; our NHS has been underfunded to the point of collapse that makes it and us vulnerable to privatisation. Already parts of the service are in private hands - a stealth approach that is ugly and immoral. Healthy citizens, like educated citizens aid society and are an asset; I believe (and thankfully so does the Green Party) that neither knowledge or health should be linked to financial consideration and should be accessible to all. This stuff pays for itself in ways that can't always be measured in cash terms.

I don't believe wars solve anything and I believe the art of diplomacy is not applied as strongly as necessary to maintain good relations. Clearly I care about the environment in which our families grow up and strive for renewables to be producing our energy in order to ensure a healthier environment and jobs that last as long as the resource.

Our governments have bailed out banks and enforced austerity - never considering bailing out healthcare, bailing out education... bailing out Britain. I see services cut in rural areas, leaving residents isolated with poor transportation, no libraries, no post office and often no pubs and our 'care for the elderly' no longer fits as a description for what many go through. Our lives are not enriched by government, they are burdened.

That was lengthy I know.. but you are the first to have phrased the question as you did and it helped order my thoughts, thank you :)