Monday, 22 May 2017

Who Sounds the Alarm?

Whether or not I was running in this election... I would write these words as an anti-fracking activist:

Since the very start, the ONLY party in Westminster that sounded the alarm and stood on the front lines to oppose this threat to our country... has been the Green Party of England and Wales.

NOW ...finally joined by the Liberal Democrats and under Jeremy CorbynThe Labour Party too in calling for a ban on fracking.

The Greens have lead the way with wisdom and honesty and although new leaders bring new promises - caution is essential. With a strong Green vote where it CAN matter most, we WILL have more Green MPs in Westminster.

More Green MPs to hold the other parties to account, to challenge their broken promises and history of harm and importantly, just as Caroline Lucas has done since day one... to continue to sound the alarms we NEED to hear.

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