Friday, 9 June 2017

Dogs, Sticks & Politics...

It's late, I'm tired and not up for much sense in a blog... but I did have a memory that I think works as a bit of an analogy:
When my elderly Labrador was in her final years of life and only had 3 working legs. I moved to Mallorca.... she may not have been much at walking but she swam like a mermaid and loved the sea. Around this time an abandoned puppy (mostly Lhasa Apse-ish) came to be mine too. I'd throw two sticks into the sea for them... the Lab was instantly swimming out to get one whilst the newcomer sat at the shoreline and simply waited the Lab got to the sand... the little one would casually walk over and remove it from her mouth, to give it to me.
I'm delighted that fracking is a political issue at last - this is due ENTIRELY to the last 6 years of ridiculously hard work and dedication by individuals, NGOs like Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland Friends of the Earth Scotland & Greenpeace UK as well as (up until very recently, the ONLY political party fighting to stop fracking) the Green Party of England and Wales.

Now The Labour Party has made it a key part of their manifesto and I saw tonight that our local candidate got the anti-fracking vote added to his - using the same message others in the party have:
"Labour is the only party that can ban fracking".
Let's not forget though that the Green Party got us here, the Protectors got us here and workers at NGOs got us here... to the point where fracking is finally an issue to be banned.

...but don't get me wrong, I am literally ecstatic that I think this fight to stop gasfields in the UK may just about be over. The shareholders are looking worried and don't believe anything other than a strong Conservative majority will save them - so bloody YAY our lot

NO other party has shown up and done the work of the anti-fracking community in anywhere near the way we have needed them too - yet now the issue is in the manifestos, we really need to see positive and immediate actions by Labour and their local parties in licensed areas, to support the anti-fracking movement on the frontlines and bring this business to an end.

I hope we all win 'the stick' (vague reference back to that analogy lol) but never forget that the legwork was done by many who I have seen sacrifice so much to get it done x