Sunday, 18 June 2017

What Responsibility The Audience?

There’s just too much to feel right now
Overwhelmed by failings and fallings
Grief and foreboding
For those lost and the losses to come
That won’t be undone
Unless, unless, unless
What stands between now and reconciliation, realisation, restoration, reinvigoration of humanity FOR humanity …not crafted, shaped, styled to feed economies?
What stands between now and the joy of life lived in truth, awareness, acknowledgement, love, kindness for humanity… because humanity?
The answer simple, predictable, clich̩-able yet seemingly undoable Рyou, me, we, us.
We’re it. Because we’re the problem… all the problems.
We’re what allows the value of life to be measured by rank of Queen or child of Grenfell.
We’re what permits our sons and daughters to slaughter the sons and daughters of other mothers in a place called war.
We’re what accepts flawed, failed, fossilised ways of powering now and disempowering the future.
We’re what numbly tolerates systems of state unfit for human… kind.
Where is the place and way to put our rage, make a change, insist a way, stand united for a single thing like honour?
When is the time and what tick on the clock makes it too late?
Why am I here? Or you there? What point if simply joined to the decisions of ‘leaders’ in rooms unknown … decisions that lead to places I don’t want to go, harms in my name that disgust me, risks with our babies that haunt me… who the hell are those that make Grenfell, war, fracking, poverty, suffering… our intolerable reality?
We KNOW that profit won again in the race against caution and responsibility; when for the sake of mere money – the Grenfell children were sacrificed. Lady Luck was not enough to keep them safe.
We KNOW that profit seeks to win again in the race against caution and responsibility; when for the sake of mere money – the children of Lancashire are loaded into a game of chance in the search for gas at PNR.
We KNOW that what we witness is just the smallest tip of an ugly beast at the heart of our system of government – that unless expelled… WILL lead to more dead children in the name of profit.
Why are we here?
Are we only to be ‘The Audience’?

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