Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day 137 in the Cuadrilla House...

Day 137 in the Cuadrilla House… and the good people never waver, rarely falter, always turn up and remain, despite intense and prolonged provocation… non-violent. I had to have time out this past two weeks for visits South where I got to tell our stories and receive huge support and solidarity… thank you Seed Festival and Fraktured Psyche - 6th Edge of the Wild Ecopsychology gathering for incredible experiences and memories now being shared here. Time is not as measurable or reliable as you'd expect it to be; when I returned… it was like when you haven’t seen a youngster for a while and they suddenly seem to have shot up; at Preston New Road Rolling Roadside Protest, the good people at the appear taller, wiser, leaner, quicker, more robust and resilient and never have they appeared more determined. Coming ‘home’ brought added confidence in our ultimate success. Although there is a harsh note to add: that intense and prolonged provocation also grew and is darker and more menacing.


So it is that the unthinkable is becoming ‘normal’ and despite NO violence from Protectors, we find ourselves listening to the sound of vicious dogs, surrounded by police that far out-number us and amidst over-pumped, agitated, untrained security guards who laugh as they flaunt the law and refuse to show their ID badges the correct way round or at all. Today ranks as one of the worst for ugly scenes as a Protector in a Wheelchair was thrown to the road and the incident, followed swiftly by outright lies from Fylde Police – the video footage from Louise Robinson shows all too clearly the stark reality as the chair is surrounded and with a hand on the back of the chair and one at the end of the arm of the chair, it is toppled backwards and the Protector left on the floor. The statement by Police claims they were trying to save him. Outright lies… from police – they don’t act with honour and then fail to show any redemption with honesty.

This month of ‘an action a day’ has been an outstanding masterpiece of dedication and commitment from incredible Protectors who have joined us at the roadside and in our camps…Reclaim The Power have not simply added to our numbers… they brought with them the knowledge we needed to get better organised; along with the creativity, warm solidarity and humanity needed to establish trust.

Horizontal movements comprised of willful, stubborn Protectors who are driven to lead this demanding life, are not exactly a doddle to sort. We are as diverse as it’s possible to be but the gift of this mass of differences merging… is that within our movement, we contain all of the skills we didn’t even know existed. For every task, someone will understand it… for every action, someone will have creatively thought it up or engineered it skilfully or participated in it honourably… we are many, we are varied and we are - in our entirety - outstandingly beautiful to behold… but still bloody difficult to co-ordinate! Reclaim the Power somehow have this as their skill… they arrive and work hard and that gets respect and co-operation.

I nearly broke when I filmed the brutality and vile behaviour of the police who threw the Protector from his wheelchair today… but only nearly. I got a clear sense of what it will be, when I truly cannot contain my outrage. I am more than just non-violent by nature (I literally can’t harm even flies) I do all I can to avoid violent confrontation… but as a mother and grandmother, I am of course aware that if someone looked to be about to cause harm to a child, I would act in whatever way was necessary to prevent it… today I looked at my dear and much admired friend as they toppled him from the chair – and my mother/grandmother fire sparked like a fuse box igniting… dark days but the Protectors shine ever brighter by contrast. Thank you to all who endure, share solidarity, support, feed and nurture this movement. See you at the roadside? 

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