Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Tonight... Stockport x

Delighted to be heading off to this later...... huge thanks to Camilla Luff and all at Stockport Green Party for the generous invitation 
We'll be talking about communities and how we face up to threats together. Overcoming our differences to stand united is not always easy but is essential if we are to keep our families safe from the risks brought by industrialisation, fracking, loss of local democracy and more. Becoming 'active' brings up all sorts of issues… including women's rights, media bias, our own social judgements and what is this thing we call ‘democracy’ in reality. I genuinely believe though that we all end beautifully because I have seen the power of neighbours becoming a community that stands together. Activism is often tough and can be soul-destroying - but the gains, are immeasurably greater than the losses. 

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