Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A Fracking Revolt... (flashbacks since 2011)

Armed tubes of deliberate delay
Elders who sit and won’t go away
Wind turbine blades in inconvenient places
Church halls filled, with worried faces
Tea ladies serving stubborn resistance
Exhausted stands against camp evictions
Blackpool Tower draped in protest sheets
1000’s proclaiming these are ‘OUR STREETS!’
Windswept marches on proms east and west
Passionate speeches, hearts screaming in chests
Up rigs, on trucks - wind tearing at their clothes
Fearless young Protectors (parents worry at home)
A mother called Vanda defending her young,
Caroline screams as she’s torn from her son
Vivienne Westwood on a tank, declared war
Taking the media to Prime Minister’s door
Bianca Jagger imploring 'enough is enough'
And Josh Fox played banjo in the pub ...
Australia’s Bentley Boys on tour
Emma Thompson baking, covered in manure
Druids, Quakers, Catholics and Shamans
Blessings and rituals delivered by Pagans
Mystical deer set out at Warrior’s Call
Mock rig erected at Parliament’s door
Uniting roses from both sides of Britain
Trains, boats and walks all over this re-United kingdom
Many hands joined across a bridge called Forth
The South welcoming the ‘Desolate North’
Warm coffee and smile-welcomes at Belfast port
Nans face police, lawyers and judges in court
Artists, photographers, film-makers make waves
Utah Midwives warning of too many small graves
George Bender unable to take anymore
The grief of his daughter will be eternally raw
Buckingham Palace calling on the Great Gran
Delivering a public meeting through the medium of dance
Morris dancers at Cuadrilla’s Gates
Dignified communities driven wild by state
Council offices draped in yellow-ribbon-people
The mighty brought to heal by those once thought feeble
Women in white, in silent raging call for calm
Slow walkers stroll arm in arm
Truck surfers, climbers, tunnelers and streamers
The brave and the bold, the hopers and dreamers
At Balcombe, Crawberry, Leith Hill and Barton
PNR, KM8, Horse Hill and Upton
At tea rooms where cake is served
And anywhere our voices needed to be heard
The unwelcome gift of truth became known
And none who heard, ever really went ‘home’
…we’re here till this is done,
Obligation drives those protecting our young
So never fear we will be halting…
Because THIS is Britain - and we’re revolting.

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