Thursday, 4 January 2018

Who did we harm?

I see and hear how the fracking industry, its paid trolls and other pros - are virtually salivating at the hints of rage raised in my recent blog (…/the-other-black-frida… )... they have longed for any act of violence at Preston New Road Rolling Roadside Protestfor 364 days now and been left wanting. As I don't doubt they will continue to be.
Our movement is non-violent. We have used all 'lawful' means to defend our communities and when we ran out of those.. we grabbed our placards, our creativity and our unending sheer-determination - along with some incredibly peaceful non-violent direct actions that had people sitting peacefully with their arms in tubes - vulnerable, unable to cause harm and simply, incoveniently located  Truck-sitting too managed to peacefully achieve the delays to industry that we sought - without harming a single soul.
What about us... is dangerous to anyone/anything except this industry? What about our actions... is dangerous enough to warrant the brutal policing we have seen? The only thing that is being protected is the industry and that is a sickening reflection of what our government considers appropriate use of OUR police force.
Tomorrow will come and will unfold in whatever way it willl... we will be mostly wearing black and beyond that... it's every Protector's choice of action and there is no itinerary. I KNOW who I stand beside in this long campaign and I KNOW that there is not one who would willingly harm another... whatever colour clothes we're wearing.
I post my poem to share my heart's true feelings... I (and nor are any I know) am not a 'warrior' or a 'fighter' - I am a grandma PROTECTING my young, and NO-ONE will ever be able to stop me from doing this, it's a fact of my being 

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