Friday, 17 April 2009

Ian Tomlinson, the G20 Protests and rushed results...

The claim that no CCTV caught this (there are photos of 3 cameras in the area); the rushed and convenient first post mortem and the initial police denials of any wrong-doing, coupled with claims of 'barrage of bottles' thrown - are all clear indicators of a cover-up that reached out from the police to other areas including medical examiner and media.

That this has all been revealed because people had camera phones & video, makes me wonder how often this occurs and how many cases should now be re-opened in light of this.

Regardless of Ian Tomlinson's state of health at the time of the incident, NO member of the public (protesting or otherwise) should be subjected to such inhumane treatment and NO member of the public should be allowed to be deceived by those in authority.

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