Tuesday, 21 April 2009

What if no-one had filmed the G20 protests?

Where would we be if 'we the people' hadn't been filming that day?

-Ian Tomlinson would be quietly buried, having died of a heart attack

-The protestors would have been remembered as having thrown a 'barrage of bottles' at those police trying to 'help' Ian Tomlinson

-The images of the G20 protests that we would recall... would be of 'extreme protestors' smashing windows

-The police and government would be talking about stronger powers to avoid more violence BY protestors

No-one wants to believe our police will hide their ID numbers, conceal their features with balaclavas and attack the public - but they DID.

I wanted so much to be at the G20 protests on 1st April, wanted to show my discontent at the way our government uses our taxes and mishandles our affairs. But I couldn't get away from work and could only show my support for those who did take the time and make the effort, by 'monitoring' and sharing online (mainly Twitter)what I was discovering as the day progressed. There were so many wonderful journalists, groups and protestors who were getting the information out and I wanted to help it travel further.

I do believe that the police are not all out to attack prtestors and I want to live in a country where I trust them to do the job of protecting the public and working to make peaceful protest possible... but the pictures are telling a story we can't deny.

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