Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Which cause, which fault, which action, which dilemma?

Each day the news feeds or denies us information about terrorist threats, Iraqi deaths, police powers, police misuse of powers, government intelligence, government stupidity, Muslim extremists, democratic solutions, financial boom and financial bust and all the while we absorb this array of selected informataion - without feeling that we have the power to affect any of it. We are left feeling impotent and overwhelemed.

We are divided too by what we hear and which media we select to nourish us with 'facts'. This division keeps us so very busy as we debate amongst ourselves as to who is right, who is wrong, who we should support and who we should attack. Is it any wonder so many flip the page to read easy sleezy gossip?

The way we, as a species, lead our lives, seems ludicrously wasteful, ultimately purposeless and often - downright evil.

However, 'we' as individuals surely seek a peaceful life? With the freedom to love who we choose, worship who we choose and live as we choose... and providing these choices do no harm to another, these are not unrealistic expectations are they?

An Iraqi mother has the same hopes for the future for her children as I do - despite media to the contrary, she would not choose to sacrifice her child to war... she would choose a peaceful life. Each individual person is not that vastly different from the other - it is our political and religious options that define our differences ... and how incredibly wrong is that?

I have no answers, just disappointment that we can't take a world of resources, share them fairly and all live better. Why must we assume that we are incapable of this?

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