Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Supplying Opposition...

One day this blog will be a place I can wonder at topics for ages before getting swallowed into one to explore - before moving onto another and another more. Sadly for now, as the threat of harm by those in the energy sector pushing the extraction of shale gas and other unconventional energy using techniques like 'fracking' grows and the power and impact of lobbyists continues to devour any semblance of democracy ...I am compelled to stay with this ugly subject. 

This is an invitation, a suggestion ...a hope that as many as possible who do not want to see 'fracking' putting our communities at risk, will join together as individuals or groups to come to Blackpool (it's lovely!) on Thursday 24th April 2014 for a day of opposition - expressed in any lawful, peaceful way you choose to express it.

Energy minister Michael Fallon is coming to the beautiful Winter Gardens, Blackpool to knit supply chains for the shale gas industry... our town was literally the epicentre for the one and only time the 'fracking' part of the process of shale gas extraction has taken place (although they drill all over in preparation) - this scheduled event is coming here because Lord Brown's Cuadrilla want to get on with fracking (they HAVE permission) as soon as possible...

...we NEED all the help we can get on this one. Usually we create events or agree to join actions and act as one body in protest but this time - it would be great to have every body do exactly what they want to do - peacefully - so each group and individual is encouraged to arrange whatever they feel appropriate. The point is to be creative, informative and unpredictable xxx

Some coverage of the upcoming event here:

and from the organisers here:

*Ideas – (yellow & black are the colours used by many to say NO to fracking):
-Frocking NOT Fracking (dress it up!!)
-Get creative with knitting like ‘yarn bombing’ in advance maybe
-Banners of course are good and so is messages written all over yourself
-The Green Party are the ONLY party saying NO to fracking – share that information
-BE the rig – get creative with structures
-Use any musical or other talents
-Simply be you and be witness which is powerful – think ‘Standing Man’
-Honour the PROTECTORS who slow the trucks at Community Protection Camps – symbolic tents/mock lock-ons etc.
…or anything else peaceful and lawful that you can think of x