Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Vile system in need of infusion before cure:

I so despise the corrupt system of government and always believed
that voting only makes them think I support it... and I really really
don't. BUT we are living in very dangerous times for the health and
well-being of our families/communities and it seems that in order to
STOP the harm of dangerous industries like shale gas (fracking); the
injustice of austerity; the selling off of our NHS, schools etc and the
continued theft of our rights to object when they do ...we NEED to vote
first and get the 'system' changed once we have infused some wiser more
just people into it.

I met Natalie Bennett - Green Party Leader
in Balcombe and since then have encountered her in at least four other
places... she is plain talking, determined and very unlike any
politician I have seen and this gives me huge hope. I watched as Caroline Lucas
sat with her son and refused to move until arrested at Balcombe... she
was putting the situation ahead of the risks to her liberty. For these
reasons I WILL be voting for the Green Party wherever and whenever it is
an option.

My first real act of activism was to sit outside the
London Stock Exchange on 15th October 2011 - because I'd had enough of
the awful system that bailed out banks yet cut back on all the important
funding like education, health, disability payments etc. I did not want
to engage with the system - I wanted to stop it, do a make-over and
start with something better... and was empowered by the many that were
there too seeking the same at Occupy the London Stock Exchange.

I tried to once engage with politics a few years ago when Nick Clegg made promises that sounded a bit believable but that was clearly an error. Voting does not look like the solution - but it does offer an
opportunity and is important now because those that DO vote currently...
are choosing the same old corrupted parties that offer the same old
lies called promises. I don't know for certain that the Green Party of England and Wales is going to get us out of this mess but I do know that it is the BETTER choice.

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