Saturday, 3 October 2015

Tomorrow ...we remember:

TOMORROW... we remember just where it is that our actions should be directed:
- to the system that says fracking is a risk worth taking here in the UK
- to the system that says it's ok to bail out banks but not ok to bail out people
- to the system that says it's ok for trade agreements like TTIP to be signed without consideration of the effects on WE the people
- to the system that spends our taxes on weapons as a priority - rather than ensuring adequate funding for our sick, our poor, our old and our struggling
- to the system that says it's ok to use those weapons on people in countries you and I don't have a problem with
- to the system that accepts the death of a child as 'collaterral damage'
- to the system that reacts to and creates divisions, shortage and threat rather than the unity, hope, positivity, renewable, regenerating energy of us
...along this activist journey there are personal and individual challenges and issues - but none is so great as the challenge of wrestling back our power from the hands of those in office who abuse it.
It is less about the party than the SYSTEM that allows (encourages?) the politics of the UK to represent industry BEFORE the people. We fight our causes - fracking, war, debt, NHS, austerity, education, homelessness etc. but these are in reality the SYMPTOMS of a DISEASE at the core of our DEMOCRACY.
See you tomorrow heart emoticon

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