Thursday, 10 March 2016

Cuadrilla Appeal to Frack Lancashire - Day 17

Heck of a day - nearly 70 individual residents spoke at the appeal... I cried, laughed, applauded, encored and got told off for all of the above along with everyone else who did the same. The Inspector and the legal teams live and breathe this world and the Inspector was snappy and short with us for daring to react naturally, in the moment and honestly - for us, it is a strange setting full of confusion, masses of incomprehensible clauses, laws, amendments, tricks and outright lies... soul destroying on one side to KNOW this is where the government puts its support... and pure beauty on the other witnessing a community united, individuals empowered and truths, poured out packed with wisdom and humanity and sometimes tears.
The Inspector finds emotion a nuisance as every second over-time may cause a moment of over-run. But a room packed with humans fighting quite literally for their lives... is in no way able to contain itself neatly in a bloody package of corporate order.
Other fantastic Nanas spoke as Nanas or as residents... I spoke for RAFF - Residents Action on Fylde Fracking - the first group I joined when I discovered fracking existed. One of the earliest groups in the country. We had taken public meetings to towns and villages in this area and I was moved during my testimony to see faces I recalled from their first ever meetings. I felt horrid in a way too as I could see how hard this has been for them - the Unwelcome Gift of Truth ...once you know, you can't unknow and you can't walk away because you KNOW you are all you have as the government is head cheerleader.
I saw ill-health, tiredness and pain... only made bearable because I also saw warriors for truth, determination, commitment, power, unity and strength.
Exhausted but uplifted too... tomorrow morning is one of the final days - the imporant one where our incredible side sums up. We are going for a big show of gratitude and support - be at Blackpool Football Club for 9:15 if you can make it for this: Defend Lancashire: Last day and summing up day of the Enquiry

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