Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Time is NOW...

What a time this is. The anti-fracking movement is being stretched to the limits and the pressure is huge - sites for exploration (experimentation) springing up all over and the case for the first full production sites being debated in the current appeal in Lancashire. We need it to be clear to those it would affect - investors and politicians (who seek re-election) that the UK WILL RESIST and will do so against the companies on the ground and the politicians in the polling stations. Marches, demonstrations, public meetings, groups formation, MPs lobbied, Councillors informed, letters to Editors, online sharing, Protection camps, independent reporting, peer-reviewed studies, whistle-blowers and victims coming over and speaking out - ensured we have remained FRACK FREE for 5 years. Right now though - we are experiencing an emergency and EVERY ONE OF US needs to act/react in some way (any way) to add to the volume - to let it be known that we will not accept this dangerous industry here on UK soil. Of all the issues we face under this government - and there are so bloody many - NOTHING will matter if we don't have safe air, safe water, safe agricultural land and our health. If this wasn't an immediate emergency I would be fighting to keep our NHS public, our kids out of wars that aren't waged for self-defense or the good of anything other than special interests, the under-funding of mental health issues, the state of over-crowded classes and under-funded education, the risks posed now and in the future by nuclear waste disposal sites, the injustice of our expensive justice system, the unrepresentative election system and and and... .. but right now, unconventional energy companies are literally risking our lives and so we can't stop - until we're done. Tired, fed-up, drained, infuriated, broke, missing precious pleasures and family time BUT what is the choice for those of us that KNOW what is at risk? I think the knowledge of the illness and harm being done right now, in so many places where this industry is - means I couldn't stop if I wanted to. No heroics - this is an obligation, plain and simple.
My biggest fear is they start here in the UK - ONE planning go-ahead for a production site and we are pretty lost. The ability to fight in court is beyond us - we can NEVER have as much money as this, the biggest industry in the world - to tackle them in court system. Once they start - stopping them is harder. :( We have a tiny window of opportunity and sadly, despite the exhaustion - that window is now. Tina xxx THIS link: to a PLEDGE to act against this industry in a non-violent way - PLEASE sign it so we can at the very least, let our numbers be known. It seems such a little thing to ask and yet could contribute to the difference we make. I have spoken to crowds of 8000+ and KNOW we are very many more... I hope this pledge can reveal that.