Thursday, 19 January 2017

Day 12 in the Cuadrilla House...

Day 12 in the Cuadrilla House… and the good people brought the humanity, kindness, wisdom and joy to PNR along with steely determination and growing rage. Each day still unfolds something new and it’s only really at the end of it, when you stop, rest and look back, that you realise the tension, apprehension and high-alert you have been on. As this consumes much of our time, those at the roadside discussed ways to improve conditions and maintain energy… now our Nana music system is adding a new dimension to proceedings. This along with the continuous honks of support, gifts of food, sweets, masks (such a polluted road), hand-warmers and growing numbers, has brought lashings of positive energy with it

So today was another slow day for Cuadrilla and work is behind schedule… which is nice. They got 8 delayed-trucks in – nothing like the 20-30 they said would be the daily number. An ambulance was again delayed (third one now) due to Cuadrilla; this time with 4 vehicles oncoming in the single-lane that meant it couldn’t proceed till they cleared. Still no action from Inspectors at Lancashire County Council (LCC) and the reports of planning violations are mounting. We had two Councillors visit this week who worked on the rejection of the original planning application – they updated that the reports are being received and they’re pushing for action to be taken against Cuadrilla’s abuses. Video, photographs and testimonies make a clear case… so please, if you can, write or call LCC to register your concerns.

It was a different sort of day for us - our voices were raised in song and the little steps taken to keep us warm, turned to dance moves. Music does indeed calm the savage beast and it was impossible for anyone – even the 'other side' – to avoid the rhythm in the air. Sounds trivial? I beg to differ… PNR is a place where residents become Protectors as we discover what it is going to take to stop this industry – it isn’t pretty and the task ahead is daunting; there has to be something worth clinging to that is beautiful. Music, singing, dancing and sharing the laughter is every bit as important as the actions we will be forced to take to stop this powerful industry.

Admittedly my playlist is a bit odd and not adequate but it sufficed and now Julie has created a dedicated list of fantastic music covering everything from Motown to Grease, Sinatra to Whinehouse and much in-between that will enhance our tomorrows.

Although we prepare for the storm to come… we cling tight to these moments of joy, unity and power. Soon enough the task of stalling this industry will get harder and tactics and responses will change by necessity. For now though, residents are weaving our understanding of what we can each do as the ‘Protector’ in each gets ignited by the threat that literally is… right here, right now, right in front of us. Groups large and small are working with us too and although often unseen, will become more evident as things change. There may be many bumps in the road ahead but the many are working to clear the way. 

See you tomorrow?

*Playlist highlight today – two Protectors using their signs as guitars for Slade’s ‘Goodbye t’Jane’

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