Friday, 20 January 2017

Day 13 in the Cuadrilla House...

Day 13 in the Cuadrilla House… and the good people found their individual ways to be heard, to impact this industry and to work together for great cumulative effect. Our movement is so very diverse, a kaleidoscope of humanity breathing out the same words – "They WILL NOT frack"… our steps are not all synched but our movements in the same direction, make the pull-and-push of us all, all the stronger. Much love for Protectors in all our shades and ways today x

So the day started with an excellent early action by strong-willed, principled Protectors at the entrance to the site on Preston New Road, rose through the day in good voice and fantastic mood at the roadside and for slow walks… then culminated in a gorgeous crescendo of activity at contractor AE Yates of Bolton – where Protectors gathered to make clear that this industry and those that enable it, will not be tolerated. An action now termed a 'Pop-up Protest'. Come on AE Yates – there are better contracts to have than the soiled, dangerous fracking one… this choice will only bring disruption.

The Day unfolded thus...

PNR Early Shift:
In the early hours of the morning, some concerned residents went to the Preston New Road site in order to carry out a well-considered action to prevent the intrusive site from taking up too much of this busy and important road. Over the week, the fencing and cones have gradually edged out, limiting the lane for traffic and worse, delays to ambulances. We have witnessed 3 delayed ambulances this week and in the absence of Council Planning Inspectors to enforce safety requirements, residents took the task into their own hands. The delay to work lasted over an hour and ended with the fencing in a less dangerous position …and the assurance of an Inspector to come and clarify the situation. Brilliant.

PNR Day Shift:
Protectors started arriving for the slow-walks and demonstration, part way through the ‘siege of the fence’ incident; lining up to receive the gift of ‘honks’, the joy of the music, the gratitude for our solidarity and growing friendships… and the absolute delight that a mere 3 trucks and 1 road sweeper arrived, were slow-walked and went. Almost literally no work done at PNR today (there was though a lot of singing and dancing).

Meanwhile in Bolton…
Protectors gathered too at the gates of AE Yates of Bolton – the contractor helping Cuadrilla construct this monstrosity that threatens us. This solidarity action not only let this company know that they are now part of this unfolding drama… but enhanced the day of those at the roadside of PNR who were eagerly awaiting news. if we can all work together to stop contractors from supplying this industry, we can starve it to its end... long live the 'Pop-up Protest'!!

The frack-free movement may not have an easily definable ‘strategy’ but we share like-minds, same goals and strong determination… this is the start of more to come.

These actions are I think evidence of our ability as a movement to not only overcome the troubles and tackle the challenges we face …but to successfully use our many skills to pull together, regardless of anything else. Protectors sometimes try to walk away when harmed by the intensity of all that this entails… but I have never met any who truly can stop. Once you know the truth of the threat this industry brings, you cannot UN-know it, cannot pretend it away or suddenly start trusting our government or regulators to miraculously care enough or have the skills required to keep our children safe. We’re stuck in this and the most we can do… is hold each other up through the hard bits.

The week ends with stronger hearts, tighter bonds and justifiable optimism. Much love to all… see you Monday?

*Highlight of today's
#PNR playlist: looking down the line of us all as arms stretched out in a dance move to Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' and imagining if this was a movie... it would absolutely be made by the Cohen Brothers & Tarrantino xxx

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