Saturday, 21 January 2017

Failure, Shame, Humiliation & Confusion at a Fracking Site...

Thankfully at Preston New Road Rolling Roadside Protest... there's nearly always a Councillor or two amongst us who will challenge the lies and CONTINUE to remind the frackers why #WeSaidNo, our Council said NO and the answer remains NO! Westminster can dance all over democracy but it doesn't change anything here.

This past few weeks has drawn the evil out of the fracking companies - into public view. They're behind schedule (not only on this project but ALL projects over past 6 years!); shamed by the contrast of their abuses of law with the genuine concern of Protectors; humiliated that the police/site staff/security stand aside for our slow-walks and because this is not how they usually have to play 'the game' - the chances of them continuing to drag themselves into the mud, is high.

Talking to my sister Julie a while back and said that I wasn't going to make the next move that usually happened in 'the game' and that if it was a chess board - I wanted to pay tiddly-winks on it instead; in order to shake off the pattern... this week things changed and I am sure I saw tiddly-winks.<3 span="">

This posted this morning from one of our Councillors (who is also a Protector):
[Got up this morning to several emails from Cuadrilla telling me that protesters have gone against agreements and closed the Rd At PNR, stopping emergency vehicles from gaining access!

They obviously don't realise I was in attendance at the time and their PR shit is not going to work on this occasion!

Very angry this morning at how they twist the truth, to Councillors]
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