Friday, 24 February 2017

Day 37 in the Cuadrilla House...

For those aware of the share price discussions about AJ LUcas (key to Cuadrilla finance) ... was excited when it plunged to .33 cents after the third supplier pulled out... ecstatic right now as despite efforts to get it upward, AJ Lucas has flopped down to an unattractive (to investors and share holders) .30 cents! What with this and the lovely gallons of water thrown at the site today by Protector Storm Doris... it's been a fine finish :)  I couldn't be at the roadside today but huge thanks to Miranda Cox who was and who blogged day 37 for us x<3 span="">


Miranda's view in her words: 

DAY 37
This is a very difficult blog to write tonight, as the day has been fractured.

Storm Doris has wrecked her wrath across the land, almost as if she has taken our collective anger and frustration, whipped it into a tempest of rain and powerful gusts that have soaked us, taken us off our feet and tanned our faces.

The storm has also turned the PNR site into pools of water banked by rich mud, further churned by heavy machinery.

I arrived later on site, delayed literally cooking up a plan with a fellow roadside protestor, for what we hope will be a treat for the campers, who have endured all weathers to help the people of Fylde. 

On arrival I was joined by others who had been out since morning and were soaked and freezing. They told of further heavy policing and an arrest.

We were as few in numbers as the police were great in theirs. Three riot vans near the entrance and a car, protecting a field of mud and heavy machinery, as protectors arrived and departed in ripples.

The wind threatened to cast us into the road as security guards battled to hold the fencing up and hang onto their hard hats. Several chases ensued as hats clattered down the road.

Having seen no vehicles, I left site believing my time could be used to prepare for Saturday, to answer queries and follow up on some long standing issues. 

I understand from various live feeds and messages that protectors continued to attend the site, and also attempt to slow vehicles down the road. Each time the lorries were escorted by the police and protectors surrounded.

There has been a dedicated protector presence each day since work began in early January. It's hard going for everyone. The weather affects some of us in different ways. What I find personally harder than the elements is the constant feeling of "shouting in a void".

Every action sends the industry running, seeking more police and tougher reactions. Every letter to our MPs that fail to answer basic questions, every complaint made to planning and highways about blatant safety and traffic issues that is dismissed, every failure to answer why a protector has been arrested....This all feeds the tempest.

Our roar is as diverse as those roaring, but it will have to be heard.

Saturday's forecast may be damp, but this is a chance for us to reflect, regroup, share hopes and ....Who knows....It's a very fluid situation on PNR... Certainly more fluid than the sticky red ground.]