Friday, 24 February 2017

Criminal Behavior on Preston New Road...

Dear Fylde Police,

I read that you are trying to reassure the community in the vicinity of Preston New Road, that you will be on hand at tomorrow's Don’t Frack Lancs - National Rally - and although I agree your concern over potential danger and criminal behavior on Preston New Road - it is NOT the residents and visitors you should be worried about.

Our government rewrote the law so that fracking could go ahead without informing landowners it was occurring under their properties, our government overruled local democracy by overturning our council's rejection of Cuadrilla's plans for Preston New Road, our government and Cuadrilla are ignoring the fact that work should not be happening until after the outstanding legal challenges are heard... if the challenges are successful, Cuadrilla would have to undo all that it has done; amazing confidence! Why is it that they can feel this confident that the law will rule in their favour?

They have recklessly handled the traffic on PNR with fences too far out (leaving no room for emergency vehicles to pass), stalled 3 ambulances, ran over workers, reversed down this busy road with road sweepers, accessed the site from the incorrect direction on countless occasions, exited the site from the centre, directly into the single lane of traffic and so much more - but you are concerned about the activities of residents and visitors who are concerned?

Priorities need attention.

Is there a process by which the police can raise concerns over the harm being done to local residents over the past 6 years by Cuadrilla? Many have suffered ill-health from the worry that they would set up camp and bring ugly vehicles, noise and disruption to the area and now that this is happening - some are being forced to move (when they can sell - which is getting harder) or having to turn to activism in the hope of finding justice - how can you, the police of Lancashire, help the residents to feel safe from the threat Cuadrilla brings?

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