Saturday, 25 February 2017

Day 38 in the Cuadrilla House...

Day 38 in the Cuadrilla House... and the good people were all over the place from Maple Farm (just next to World of Water Blackpool.) to the site entrance and beyond; a busy but primarily happy scene on the breezy, blue sky, sunshine day. The glorious East Lancs. Clarion Choir enchanted the roadside with superb singing and as is the new normal... very little work was done on Cuadrilla's site and traffic was lighter going in. Pools of Storm Doris outpourings were evident along with mud and muck she tossed about overnight that clung to wheels and roadside. Some Protectors attempted to stall trucks further down the road and the slow-walks inside the work area continued for the few trucks that did arrive. PUPs (Pop Up Protests) happened beautifully in Manchester and Bolton and as a movement - we moved in a stronger direction together. Meanwhile at Maple Farm, short Nanas were attempting to build a marquee with a bendy pole and vague instruction from the previous owner, involving a tennis ball and two screws.

So I only managed to be at the site bit of PNR for the great singing bit and then had to head down to be useless at building a tall thing. Thankfully some lovely Protectors visiting after their PUP in Manchester, were tall and others from the camp of equally helpful heights, joined us and much like an Amish community - a structure was made :) The portaloos arrived, tables were laid out to manage refreshments and lots of people did their bit to make preparations for the big Don’t Frack Lancs - National Rally in the morning. Miranda Cox stayed up at the site entrance of PNR and so her take is better informed and follows. See you on the roadside Monday?

View from Miranda:

[Day 38
Lots of lovely people joined the roadside protest today with sunshine and a calmer mood.

Many of us were bouyed by the news that shares in one of the major investors plummeted overnight and another pop up protest was applying pressure on another supplier.

Lorries are still being escorted onto site and the police presence is huge. We had some new faces today, and they were dismayed at the high levels of police, especially the sight of seeing one protector being contained by six.

The routine of seeing escort vehicles head up to the motorway junction, followed by the mustering of security at the gate and the awareness that at this point we will be surrounded by hi vis uniforms, is becoming ingrained. The air becomes charged, we shift from foot to foot, we watch. Those souls wanting to and being able to take a different approach run, and challenge, overpowered by police numbers.

Back home we read untruths and alternative versions of events in the media. I am aware without regular and consistent eye witnesses, without video evidence, everything could be played out very differently. As it is the media is so pro industry, failing to engage with the issues and so keen to perpetuate the easy myths.

Tomorrow brings the national day of action, already embroiled in claim and counter claim. The fact the industry is attempting to paint this as a threat tells me they are rattled.

We hope to see you tomorrow. X]
*Highlights of the day - the unity, the sinking share price of AJ Lucas (financing Cuadrilla), the increased number of Protectors in the neighbourhood, the enthusiasm for the rally and the blue sky <3 span="">

*Image thanks to Barbara Richardson - Roseacre Awareness Group - RAG

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