Friday, 17 March 2017

Day 52 in the Cuadrilla House...

Day 52 in the Cuadrilla House… and the good people were spread between the Judicial Review in Manchester, AE Yates in Bolton for PuP (Pop up Protest) and at Preston New Road Rolling Roadside Protest . The policing was at a ratio of 10 to every Protector and the scene is clearly not one where peaceful protest can in any way occur – contravening our human rights and showing our government to be in the same business as the frackers and using our police as a buffer and battering ram to prevent us with our messy truth slipping through and halting this. Sadly it was all a bit much to realise the determination of what appears to be a wannabe totalitarian regime and how very much bigger we are going to have to be to stop it.

So for many at the roadside, our hearts, thoughts, fears and internal butterflies are desperately focused on the Judicial Review in Manchester – our last shot at using a tool in the system to stop them – if it fails, there is ONLY direct action and that is a horrid future to face. Our case for the JR is incredible – you couldn’t argue it unless you were corrupt and driven by profit alone… which is where we wait and wonder if our points of law can survive and land with a judge who sees justice as his sole purpose. For me though, Day 52 made me feel too small to have effect and I succumbed to a loss of strength and called it a day around lunchtime.

There was at least a good thing… a lovely woman from the retirement park at Carr Bridge (alongside Maple Farm) returned to the roadside at Maple. She used to join us when we had events or days of action here over the years but is unable to reach the site entrance, so not been part of the daily protests and actions of late. On this day though she went to Maple and got a helpful Protector from the camp to assist opening gates and getting signs… she was soon joined by a few others and I stopped to see them on my way home. So glad I did as they are hope <3 span="">

Late start for my sister and I on Day 53 as we have to get some things and balance a baby in the process… at least if we are at Maple the those with childcare responsibilities or infirmities can be part of this too. Whether we can make any impact here remains to be seen but at least the policing down this end of the same road is lighter and we can aim to enhance the other actions that take place between. See you at the roadside?

*Memorable moment of the day.... hmmm was mostly a bit sad really but the little uprising from the retirement park was very beautiful x