Saturday, 18 March 2017

Day 53 in the Cuadrilla House...

Day 53 in the Cuadrilla House… and the good people were here in their multiples and clearly the famine of yesterday became a feast of humanity in all its glory today. Unusually but somewhat joyously, a walk to the entrance of the site showed the gates locked with a heavy chain and two vehicles blockading entrance or exit from the site and only the lime machine working behind… the Protectors though were not responsible for this successful action to prevent work. The site staff in fear of people with concerns, had created their own lock-on (more lock-in actually) and essentially locked themselves in their room for the day… perhaps realising they really shouldn’t come out till they learn better behaviour lol.

So today we can look back and ask ourselves, “What does it take to stop a site from developing?” and we can safely and boldly say …people. Every single ONE person who showed up, caused Cuadrilla to react, to lock itself down in fear of our mission to see truth, justice, democracy and sanity served. Along PNR at various points were people heading in one direction or the other between Maple Farm and site entrance and despite the bitter wind, constant drizzle and gusty winds – they kept coming and adding to our persistence.

Bolton Against Fracking are rapidly becoming a favourite at the roadside… they come with ‘skipped food’ and today, the most delicious, piping-hot homemade soup along with bread for scooping the gorgeous chunkiness of it. The gratitude of the frozen at the roadside (both by temperature and dedication), could not have been more apparent as blue-tinged hands clasped steaming cups and smiles thawed through.

A good day full of good people doing the good stuff. See you Monday at the roadside? X

*Highlight of the day… really useful and reassuring meeting at Maple with a lovely blend of Protectors and news that the Judicial Review is over a little early – much relief for the incredible groups of residents who have doggedly pushed this through and put in years of hard work. Not all Protectors are seen at the roadside, some have their heads down in research and challenge in courts and councils too – huge thanks to them xxx

*Image thanks to Cheryl Atkinson

ps: as we're all over the road these days... please be aware that other incidents and actions happen so it's worth following livestreams and posts of others at Preston New Road Rolling Roadside Protest to ensure the fuller picture <3 span="">