Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Day 54 in the Cuadrilla House...

Thanks to Miranda Cox for the update from Preston New Road Rolling Roadside Protest - this about yesterday - Day 54 of works by Cuadrilla:

[Day 54
Today I had to take a day away from PNR,so rather than try and piece together a daily dairy based on other people's messages, I thought about the live streamers and the very important role they play in recording and debate of this campaign. Being fortunate enough to be able to be roadside most days has enabled me to be consistent in my observations,I hope. Today surrounded by admin and tasks from the other life, my pre-fracking life, I couldn't help but be drawn to the posts, updates and live streams pinging through my computer all day. I have witnessed many things over the past eight weeks. I have seen trucks come and go, I have seen residents and protectors pushed to their physical and mental limits, I have seen attitudes of protectors, workers and police change and I have also been aware of growing resolve.

Amateur and professional photographers, film makers and live streamers are keeping this campaign visible in lieu of a mainstream media which is conspicuously absent. Live streaming isn't always about the drama, often the streams capture the humanity, the relationships between protectors. Today I viewed a protector explaining to a police officer whom she had recognised, why she was stood in front of him. The interchange was normal, an exchange not out of place in the workplace. It was however short-lived as the regimented routine of the police sweep, the containment of protectors, took priority.

The unedited streams reveal much about authorities and the protest alike. They capture both the ugliness and injustice of the corporate imposition. Similarly they record evidence, increasingly essential as the industry hastens toward production. The live streamers are out in all weathers, documenting, a form of protection for demonstrators, often placing themselves in physical danger. These are interesting and challenging times. Personally I am so grateful for the presence of these activists.]